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Have you walked the dog today?!

Walk 2020 with Norway the Husky


Goal: Walk/jog/run 2020 miles with Norway before January 1, 2020...

Mission:  To remind and encourage dog owners to spend time with their canine pals. And, to inspire others to volunteer at a local shelter. (those dogs would love a visit!)

Norway's Progress


Updated 12/27/19

Norway's Progress: 2020 miles (COMPLETED!!)

2020 walk (daily stats) (xlsx)


Walk 2020 with Norway the Husky

Stratton, Vermont (2018)

Your dog might be sleeping, chewing, or snacking.. But, I'll bet your pup would love the exercise, exploration, and companionship from a walk outside! 

This is Norway..... He loves to walk...

.... and, to run... (and, to drag me down the road, chasing after him!).. So,

I've accepted his challenge to walk 2020 miles in one year. That's 5-6 miles per day; every day in all kinds of weather conditions 

Want to get involved?

1) Walk the Dog

Most importantly, give your dog a walk today! Your canine pal will be happy. Or,  join the challenge: 2020 miles in one year. (or, 2020 kilometers - approx. 1255 miles)

​2) Volunteer

Don't have a dog? Volunteer at a local shelter. Plenty of dogs are looking for attention while they wait for adoption.
​3) Spread the word. 

Share a photo or video link. Submit to 2020withNorway@mathplane.ORG

or Lance@mathplane.COM

4) Donate

$20.20 (or more) to your shelter. Or go here and contribute to Norway's favorite charity!

​In the comments section, write for "Walk 2020 with Norway the Husky"....​


Walk for a Cause

Orphans of the Storm


A shelter in Deerfield. (Norway's former home!). Donate $20.20 (or more!) on behalf of "Walk 2020 with Norway the Husky"

Walk For a Dog by Wooftrax


"Don't just take your dog for a walk. Take your walk for a dog!". Learn more about this dog powered charity, or download the Wooftrax App.

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